What is Nekomatata?

That's simple

Nekomatata is the brain-child of Camille Mohr-Daurat & LaTorri Lindsay - two industry professionals who are passionate about making games. We're currently focused on creating short, story-rich game experiences. We also host the online Weekly Game Jam event where we aim to connect game-makers from all skill sets & backrounds.

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Camille Mohr-Daurat
Programmer & Game Designer

LaTorri Lindsay
Artist & Game Designer

Thirteen & Half Cats

Find 13 and a half cats to break the curse.

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Ping Pong Palz

Life isn't always easy, but they meet every day to train for nationals anyway.

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The dust has gathered with an unsettling darkness. Will the light ever return?

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Nekomatata hosts the Weekly Game Jam event. Over 500 WGJ Discord members partner up, discuss their jam progress, and share game-making tips every week. A new theme is ready every Friday on Twitter,, and the community Discord.  
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