Camille Mohr-Daurat

Senior Programmer

Worked on the titles Mafia III & TopSpin 4 at 2K Games

LaTorri Lindsay

Senior Game Artist

Worked at Lumosity & Mindsnacks ( Elevate )


January 2016

Love at First Jam

Torri & Camille met like real nerds - on a dating app. Their first date was the Global Game Jam 2016 - it lasted 3 whole days. 


Marriage is Silly

The same year, they got married and secretly adopted a cat that their apartment contracts didn't allow ( tee-hee )

They think marriage is mostly kind of silly, but theirs is fun - because games.


December 2016

Let's -a- Go!

Before they met, Camille had decided he might leave San Francisco at the end of the year - so had Torri. They fatefully met just in time. Instead of moving to France and Chicago seperately, they spent 2017 exploring Thailand together. 

This is when Nekomatata was formed.




Torri & Camille spent all of 2017 in Chiang Mai, Thailand where they explored a lovely country, learned a new language, made new friends, missed their old friends, and (most importantly) polished their game-making process. 

This is also when they started the Weekly Game Jam online community event.


Lightning Fast Game-Making

Over the year, Nekomatata finished over 5 game demos. 3 of these demos made it to production and are now playable on several platforms. 

Nekomatata takes pride in their production speed & game quality which is undeniably felt in the player experience.



"We're in France."

Nekomatata is now based in Lyon, France. 


2018 Game Show Calendar

Look out for our game show hoodie! Come chat if you see us in the wild.


San Francisco

March 2018 

"We'll see you on the expo floor!"



IMGA Ceremony

San Francisco

March 2018 

Thirteen & Half Cats is an IMGA nominee, and Torri is nominated for IMGA Game Artist of 2017!


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