Based in Lyon, France

Founding date:
January 29th, 2016


Press / Business contact:
hello (dot) nekomatata (at) gmail


Ping Pong Palz
Thirteen & Half Cats

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Nekomatata is the brain-child of Camille Mohr-Daurat and LaTorri Lindsay - two industry professionals who are passionate about making games. Their games aim to tell emotionally impactful stories that resonate with players.


Love at First Jam

Nekomatata began when LaTorri Lindsay and Camille Mohr-Daurat met for the first time in San Francisco at the Global Game Jam in 2016. They made their first game prototype together during the 2-day game jam, promptly fell in love, and decided to get hitched. They kept jamming, and needless to say, not long thereafter Nekomatata was born.

LaTorri and Camille decided to spend a year traveling outside of their home countries of the United States and France. After packing up themselves and their cat, Tyra, they took a leap and left San Francisco for a life on the road. And they made more games.

Weekly Game Jam

They also decided to spread their love of game jams and created the Weekly Game Jam event. It is the first-ever internet community on Discord whose members actively make a game in a week. The 4000+ members in the WGJ community provide a healthy playground where game developers of all skill sets can improve their talents.

After that...

Nekomatata has made several games over the span of 1 year and has grown to partner with the talents of: game designer Rémy Boicherot and music composers Maja Salamon & Danny Burns.

Collectively they are currently chasing their dream to deliver Nekomatata game titles to a larger audience. Their games aim to tell emotionally impactful stories that resonate with players. Their ultimate goal and mission is to make an experience that will make people think and feel.

Fun Fact

The name Nekomatata is a mash-up of the words 'nekomata' (a two-tailed cat from Japanese folklore) and 'hakunamatata' (a catchy phrase from a popular Disney cat drama).


"We simply want to create a space for people to think, feel, and play." -Torri

"Break time!" -Camille



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There are far more images available for Nekomatata, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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    Selected Articles

    • "It's a beautiful little game with stylish visuals and well written dialogue."
      - KJ Robertson, about 'Ping Pong Palz', Alpha Beta Gamer

    • "A wonderful witchy adventure well worth checking out."
      - Calum Fraser, about 'Thirteen & Half Cats', Free Game Planet

    Weekly Game Jam
    Nekomatata organizes the Weekly Game Jam, a place for developers to meet and develop games every week.

    Team & collaborators

    LaTorri Lindsay
    Artist, Game Designer

    Camille Mohr-Daurat
    Programmer, Game Designer

    Rémy Boicherot
    Game Designer

    Maja Salamon
    Music Composer

    Danny Burns
    Music Composer


    hello (dot) nekomatata (at) gmail